Navis — repositioning the brand for growth strategy execution

Navis is the number one provider of terminal operating systems globally. While the company name is synonymous with terminal operating systems, Navis has broader ambitions for growth to help its customers improve their productivity. As a part of this growth strategy, Navis has partnered with Marketing Clinic to clarify its vision and reposition its brand beyond terminal operating systems.

The Oakland-based software company Navis, which has been part of Cargotec Corporation since 2011 — has provided terminal operating systems to top terminal operators for more than 25 years. Navis leads its industry by setting the global technology standard for managing and moving cargo through terminals. Today, the Navis N4 terminal operating system is used to optimize operations in over 325 terminals worldwide with nearly 50 additional terminals committed to implementing the system in the near future.

Navis growth strategy — strengthening the core business and expanding into new domains

“Our customers want the expertise of Navis to help them drive their performance by improving the efficiency, productivity and visibility of their operations. We have started to provide more consulting and services to our customers in addition to offering software to automate terminals. All of this is focused around the terminal operator’s main business”, explains Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President at Navis.

As a part of the growth strategy, Navis clarified its vision and repositioned its brand beyond terminal operating systems.

Navis aims to grow, not only by growing its core business, but also by expanding into new market spaces within the maritime supply chain through new business entities, partnerships and acquisitions. For this expansion, Navis needs to build a brand framework that fits both the traditional and new businesses. The existing customer base must understand the purpose and process of the expansion and remain confident that Navis will keep a strong focus on terminal operating systems. At the same time, Navis needs to be relevant and meaningful to customers of its new solutions.

“To clarify our vision and reposition our brand, we wanted a partner that would understand the whole picture and context of what we are doing at Navis as well as have the Cargotec parent company view. Marketing Clinic was unique because they had already been working with Cargotec. They could run the whole programme, while securing a strong fit between Navis and Cargotec. This holistic view was essential”, Barrons says.

Co-creative workshops helped to engage a wider audience in shaping the messages for the Navis growth strategy.

The brand supporting expansion and growth

The brand repositioning work was multileveled. First, Navis needed to define its brand strategy going forward. This meant defining the master brand and the brand hierarchy that would best support the inclusion of new businesses and growth. This work included customer insights as well as co-creative workshops — which also helped to engage a wider audience in shaping the messages for the Navis growth strategy.

“Our goal was to simplify our brand structure and avoid a burst of brand changes. Marketing Clinic provided a process that made us confident in our decisions. We decided to make Navis the master brand across our lines of business. Under this brand we kept strong product brand names that would be instantly recognizable to our existing customers and to new customer segments. I initially thought that we would have to fight to convince our different stakeholders of the merits of the branding strategy, but this did not happen thanks to the thorough approach we took”, Barrons continues.

An inspiring vision and compelling brand promise

Next, Navis needed to develop a common vision on its future role in the market as well as clarify what the Navis master brand stands for and promises going forward.

“The Marketing Clinic team is a good crew to have on your boat.”
Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President at Navis

Marketing Clinic provided a clear framework, structure and process for the definition of an inspiring vision and a compelling brand promise. The strategic priorities and cultural mind-set needed to support the vision and to deliver on the brand promise were also defined. The working process managed to get both the employees and customers excited about the future and resulted in a new, broader vision for Navis. The excitement was obvious during Navis World — a biennial, three-day event, where Navis hosts the majority of its customers and partners from around the world.

“The work with Marketing Clinic prepared us well. We included our customers in such a way that there were really no surprises or adverse reactions. The hard work and disciplined approach of the team ensured an incredibly successful launch of our growth strategy. Everyone was excited and energized, both inside and outside of the company”, Barrons recalls.

The right crew on board

The Navis team is committed to making an impact for their customers in the maritime supply chain. Marketing Clinic´s approach, efficiency and excellent skills were widely praised. This combination of talents facilitated a successful launch of the new growth strategy — which was received positively by all stakeholders.

“I would recommend Marketing Clinic. They are flexible and open-minded. They guide you through the decision-making paths and manage the project in a very professional way. Even when working against very tight deadlines, they stayed to the agreed timetable. I must also speak highly of their ability to capture the content and then reiterate it back to the client, which confirmed that the input was acknowledged and utilized properly. They also helped to communicate the decisions and output to senior executives. The Marketing Clinic team is a good crew to have on your boat”, Barrons concludes.

Team Navis with team Marketing Clinic
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