Building construction company’s growth strategy

We helped a leading North European construction company build a clear and renewed strategy that gave the company both the tools and goals to achieve a clear, company-wide vision while having a bigger, more far-reaching and more inspirational transformational purpose.


Business issue


Our Client, one of the leading construction services companies in Northern Europe, was nearing the end of its 3-year strategy period in 2016. During this strategy period, the company had focused on releasing more capital and strengthening its capital turnover rate in response to changes in the operating environment.

However, over the past period the market landscape had changed dramatically. New competitors were achieving fast growth through novel business models that disrupted old ones. Digitalization also continued to automate processes at an accelerating rate, and digital services for living and business premises were growing in importance. This situation demanded renewal. Without reassessing traditionally successful business models, the future profitability and growth opportunities of our Client could have been in jeopardy.

Building a winning

growth strategy

The Company wanted to pursue a common purpose and goal and define the first truly group-wide strategy. The aim in the strategy process was to ensure high-enough ambition level and to create of common understanding of strategic priorities among top management. Achieving a truly new strategy called for a different and more comprehensive approach for the strategy process, which Marketing Clinic helped to facilitate with management interviews, content clinics, group management board strategy workshops and steering meetings.

Our Client’s renewed strategy for 2017–2019 was announced in September 2016. The company’s purpose is to enhance more life in sustainable cities. The engine for growth and profitability is urban development involving partners.  All this builds on the company’s DNA of being a result-oriented project executor. Competitive advantages were defined and the company aims to differentiate itself through caring for customers, visionary urban development, passionate execution and inspiring leadership. Three strategic development programs were launched to ensure strategy execution: Living Services, Renovation Services and Performance Leap. Cultural renewal will be supported by new ways of working stressing agility, entrepreneurship and empowerment.


Business results

and implications

The process delivered a renewed strategy that was clear and easy to communicate, and was positively welcomed by capital markets, stakeholders and employees.

Our Client’s top management was able to work in true collaboration with a forward-leaning attitude, all the while being challenged by Marketing Clinic in a constructive and inspirational way.

The renewed strategy gave the company both the tools and goals to achieve a clear, company-wide vision while having a bigger, more far-reaching, more inspirational transformational purpose.

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Mika has 20+ years of experience in strategic consulting and change management. “I am passionate about the possibilities the new reality offers for those who have an inspiring purpose, strong strategy and sharp commercial capabilities. I love helping people and businesses focus on the right things at the right time, allowing them to lead globally and leave a meaningful mark on many levels.”

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